Out Of The Pond
Shot in lakes, oceans, snow and a few less likely places around the world, the amazingly epic wakeboard DVD OUT OF THE POND showcases the Billabong team pushing the limits of wakeboarding. Featuring riding by Danny Harf, Shawn Watson, Brian Grubb, Eric Ruck, Kevin Henshaw and Chad Sahrpe. Whether it’s riding waves in Tahiti, jibbing the Billabong bus in Orlando, hitting snow gaps in Mammoth, a dream park in the Phillipines, wenching around town or just blowing minds behind the boat these guys are always setting new boundaries!

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Price $2.98 - List Price $29.95

Eight years of tier 1 wakeboard dvd making comes to a head this spring for BFY with their new release, "Drive," featuring Wakeboarding Mag Rider of the Year Rusty Malinoski, Danny Harf, Randall Harris, Chad Sharpe and others. Filmed entirely in HD Super 16 mm film, "Drive" is a stunning visual experience, including it's audience in trips to the far reaches of the globe. Brace yourself for Sean Kilgus' latest film. The most talented riders on the water today come together for one of BFY's best wakeboard dvds yet....

Esoteric is a new all-wakeskate dvd from Scene One Productions. Over a year in production, it features quality full-length sections from Nick Taylor, Reed Hansen, Chase Connor, Kyle Hyams, David Hanson, Philip Basino, Stuart Shinn, and Robbie Brazell, along with guest appearances and great winching footage. Great shots and quality footage from producer/director/filmers/editors Keith Lant and David Hanson.

Price $2.98 - List Price $29.95


Sale Price $9.99 - List Price $74.85

Wakeboard Value Pack

Three of the most popular highest selling wakeboarding video dvds ever made in one value three pack. Bent Felix, Inuendo, Fluid Dynamics.

Fun Boots

From David Hanson and Keith Lant over at Scene One productions, who brought you the smash wakeskate DVD hit Esoteric, comes Fun Boots! Features these wakeskate rippers you know and love: Nick Taylor, Stu Shinn, Ben Horan, Andrew Pastura, Clint Tompkins, Matt Hooker, Reed Hanson, Brandon Rau, and George Daniels, plus a million others. A guaraneed good time for all!

Sale Price $19.95 - List Price $27.95

The Gun Under My Pillow

Sale Price $10.00 - List Price $26.95


Sattelyte wakeskates and RedButton Creative have teamed up to produce Sattelyte's sophomore team wakeskate DVD release: The Gun Under My Pillow. Documenting the team's life on the road, the video will include footage from: Arizona, Nevada, California, Ontario, and Japan - just to name a few locations. This wakeskate video will also includes footage from Sattelyte's upcoming team trip across Germany.The video will include riding from: Grant Roberts, Nic Harlos, Jeff Engen, Toshiaki "Yoda" Tokoyoda, Evan Reid, and Matt Sacchitiello. The video will also include an extensive Friends section.

The Way

Watch Robby Carter, Nick Ennen, Travis Propst, Chris Craig, Rhett Whatley, Jimmy Wolfe, and Daniel Doud push the limits in this new wakeboard DVD production by Scratch Films!

Sale Price $22.95 - List Price $26.95



Sidewayz Films and Gator Boards have teamed up to make an amazing wakeboard dvd with some of the best wakeboarders and wakeskaters in the world. The result is Transgression. With the comeback of Randall Harris boarding for the first time in over two years this project is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Along with Randall Harris you will experience Ryan Doyle, Keith Lidberg – the rail master, Kyle Rattray, Drew McGuckin, Gerry Nunn, Tim Kovacich, Ricky Gonzales, Mark Weikel, Wes Briscoe, Steve Edwards, and the newest member of the family…the prodigal child Matt Manzari. Sidewayz Films is emerging to a new level with this film. With the riders submerged in the culture of each location and bringing their own style to the project, along with the creative production style of Ronn Seidenglanz, this film will transform the magic from the water to the big screen.

The Good Times


"The Good Times" wakeboard dvd by Scratch Films features all the riders who should be household names. This wakeboarding video showcases the O'Brien trip to Idaho where two brand new tricks were landed including a handlepass KGB 5 and a tantrum to blind rail gap where the rider lands back on the rail and handle passes out. New tricks, unparallel style, and a unique riding list makes this wakeboard dvd a must see. "The Good Times" features the most progressive and creative riding to date. Riders include: The Ennen's, Sean O'Brien, Collin Wright, Perry Richmond, the Cardoza's, Chris Craig, Jonathon Nadolski, Brent Starr, Bret V, Brian Francis, Kyle Walton, Silas Thurman, and Nick Jones.

Scott Byerly's latest edition of Volume Wakeskate dvds, "Issue #2", is now available. If you're a fan of "Issue #1," don't miss "Issue #2". If you even have one little ounce of care in your body about wakeskating, then get this wakeskate DVD for sure and you won't be disappointed.

Featured Riders:George Daniels, Scott Byerly, Brian Grubb, Aaron Reed, Thomas Horrell, Brandom Thomas, Ryan Doyle, Clint Tompkins, Reed Hansen, Ross Gardner, & Nick Taylor

Volume Wakeskate Video Issue #2




Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take a weeklong wakeboard extravaganza to Lake Powell with Randall, Thomas, two houseboats, Parks, Watson, Sharpe, Pat, Grubb, Drew, Shane, Danny, Necrasson, Ruck, and Mr. Byerly? Well it happened and Sidewayz and Cadmium films were all there to document it all for this very cool wakeboard video. Enough said. Wait, Randall kills it. There….nuff said.

Switch & Switch 22

From the maker of Hype, 12 Honkeys, Six Pack, and All or Nothing wakeboard videos! The two epic movies Switch and Switch 22 are both on one wakeboard DVD ! Cali, Uruguay, Hawaii and of course Florida. Featuring Darin Shapiro, Bonifay, Josh Sanders, Martin and Harris.

Price $2.98 - List Price $29.95

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Captured is a really unique video from photographer/videographer Joey Meddock. Captured is mostly pictures taken by Meddock and put to music into a DVD format. It also includes some regular video footage.

While it is very different from the normal wakeboard videos, Captured is really well done and can get you as pumped up to ride as other wakeboard videos. The pictures seem to be more emotiona

The pictures are amazing, and the music is also great. If you really like a different type of wakeboard video and appreciate wakeboarding art, Captured is for you.

Natural Born Thrillers

From the maker of Hype, 12 Honkeys, Six Pack, and Switch 22 wakeboard videos! All the the new freestyle moves and jibs are rising to a new level and this wakeboard dvd has got. Great locations include - Thailand, Brazil, Argentina, Cali, Uruguay, Hawaii and of course Florida. Featuring Darin Shapiro, Bonifay, Josh Sanders, Martin and Harris.

Price $2.98 - List Price $29.95

DVD or VHS  


The Faction

From the director of Shaft and Shafted
wakeboard videos comes the most advanced film to date. A 16mm film created to open your eyes to the technical and smooth progression of wakeboarding today. One of the top wakeboard dvds ever made.
DVD or VHS  

Detention 1 & 2 Box Set

Detention Volume 1 & 2 will take you from front flips to mobes, KGB's, Whirly 540's, 3:13's and more. World Class wakeboarder Shaun Murray takes you step by step through over 69 super advanced moves. This is one of our top wakeboard videos.
48 minutes


List Price $29.95

Higher Education
Box Set #1 & #2

From the makers of Class in Session wakeboard videos, the most popular instructional series to date ... Higher Education has more tricks, better angles and the latest teaching techniques so you spend more time impressing your bros and less time swimming with the fish! This is a great wakeboard dvd for people wanting to get into wakeboarding.

Depth Charge

On Sept. 3rd 2002, Red Bull hosted “The Depth Charge” deep under the town of Bonne Terre, MO. Opened in 1869 it quickly became the world’s largest lead mine – now it’s the world’s gnarliest wakeboarding spot. Artificial light. 58-degree water and 60 degree air temperature played their roles as the world’s top wakeboarders took on launch ramps and sliders in confined space. This wakeboard video is a story of the mine and the event as seen through the eyes of the riders.


List Price $26.95


They did it again! If you liked the Shaft wakeboard video or if you dig wake, then you gotta have this one! Wakeboarding at it's premier level. Insane film work with creative angles to put you right in the middle of the action! Hang with Parks and Murray as they take to the air! Also starring : Darin Shapiro, Rob Strutharik, Shawn Watson, Matt Staker and many more rippers!

Shaft + Shafted

"Shaft" - A Wakeboarding Incident", Featuring Murray, Parks, Necrason, Seibring,Hamilton and Shapiro. Also includes some sick skateboard footage of Caballero and Burnquist along with some kiteboarding from Maui. Filmed in 16mm. The soundtrack includes Fat Boy Slim, Sublime and Snuff. Also includes SHAFTED, 2 wakeboard videos in one! One of our all time best selling wakeboard dvds. Locations include
California, Oregon, Washington.

List Price $26.95


List Price $26.95


Running With Scissors

From the makers of Project Watson wakeboard video comes another perspective on wakeboarding. Captured entirely on 16mm film, Running with Scissors takes you into the creative worlds and minds of Shawn Watson & Shane Bonifay with several appearances from friends.

40 min
DVD or VHS  

All or Nothing includes Parks Bonifay riding big waves in Tahiti, another classic Scott Byerly section done in true Sidewayz fashion and Shaun Murray taking on naval ships and atomic bombs to save the world. All or Nothing focuses on the top seven team riders at Hyperlite, giving each rider a lengthy section where they can really showcase their abilities.

Some of the riding highlights include Danny Harf's Blind Pete and huge off-axis 900s and 720s, Parks Bonifay doing tweaked out toeside backside spins along with some slider brilliance, Brian Grubb showing why he's at the forefront of wakeskating, Scott Byerly wakeboarding and doing some insane wakeskating, and Shaun Murray dropping bombs off the double up! There isn't much off the water footage in this one, giving you a full video full of top-notch wakeboarding!

All Or Nothing

From the makers of HYPE, 12 HONKEYS, THRILLAZ, AND SWITCH 22

Sale Price $19.95 - List Price $26.95

Sale Price $19.99 - List Price $26.95



Go behind the scenes with wakeboard stars Jeff McKee, Erik Ruck, and Collin Wright. Also check new fresh footage of Parks Bonifay, Keith Lyman, Brian Grub and Pete Ward in this killer wakeboard dvd !

DVD or VHS  

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