View From A Blue Moon
DVD / Blu-Ray

Price $24.95 - List Price $29.95

Two words John John. View From A Blue Moon surfing DVD and Blu-Ray. Epic title a must have!!!!

Psychic Migrations is yet another inspired surfing DVD video Veeco Production that builds on more than 20 years and 30 influential films from the world of Volcom.

Psychic Migrations
DVD + Blu-Ray

List Price $29.95



List Price $29.95

Kai Neville – known for such titles as Lost Atlas, Dear Suburbia, and Modern Collective – strikes again with his new title Cluster. Starring Craig Anderson, Noa Deane, Dane Reynolds, and more!

Strange Rumblings

List Price $24.95

Strange Rumblings in Shangri La is directed by Joe G and features Globe surf team riders Dion Agius, Nate Tyler, Taj Burrow, Damien Hobgood, Creed McTaggart, CJ Hobgood, Noa Deane, and Brendon Gibbons.

Strange Rumblings in Shangri La is a modern surf film that documents an unforgettable worldwide journey from the frigid shores of Iceland to the sultry coastline of Mozambique. From well-known spots in Europe to exotic islands off the coast of Brazil and into the deepest Indonesia, this is their greatest adventure yet.

Shot entirely in Kodak super 16mm and with an original soundtrack created and curated by International DJ duo The Dukes of Chutney, Strange Rumblings in Shangri La will be an audiovisual psychedelic surfing video DVD experience like nothing ever created before.

Expensive P. Movie - When surrealism hits the surfing scene, the best thing you've got to do is watch an "Expencive P. Movie." Surf movies are getting very experimental. Forget classic Hollywood angles, high-tech video effects, contemporary editing and mainstream soundtracks.

Today, everything's a lab. "Expencive P. Movie" was shot entirely on Super 16mm, and that is why you'll notice that grainy look in every surf move, for Tin Ojeda, the director behind this 1970s-esque surf flick, got the inspiration from Quentin Tarantino's approaches. The final result focus on West Coast surfing, with an indie East Coast look."Expencive P. Movie" features Dane Peterson, Kassia Meador, Alex Knost, JJ Wessels, Mikey DeTemple, Trevor Gordon, Kyle Albers, Devon Howard, Justin Adams, Scotty Stopnik, Jared Mell, and Ryan Burch.

Producer: Tin Ojeda running time 45 min

Expencive P. Movie

Price $21.95 - List Price $24.95


Attractive Distractions Combo includes both a DVD and Blu-Ray version of the movie.

Using Ten of the most edgy and progressive young surfers today, this film was made by taking these surfers out of their comfort zone and to far off destinations. Enjoy the beautiful cinematography of these amazing countries as these 10 surfers give it their all in these other locations.

Attractive Distractions

Price $24.95 - List Price $26.95


Mecca II

Price $21.95 - List Price $24.99

A one year surfing DVD movie project as seen through the eyes of Southern California Filmmakers Riley Mundia and Bryan Johnson. This surf film will take you on an awkward roller coaster of skits and oddities; alongside passion laden surfing by elite riders. Featuring Nate Yeomans, Cory Lopez, Torrey Meister, Austin Ware, Ricky Whitlock, Jeff lukasik, JD Lewis, David Suhadolnik, Hunter Lysaught, and wonder grom Ryland Rubens. Mecca II travels through So Cal, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Mexico, and British Columbia. Mecca II Presented by Hoven, and produced by BEE-STING Productions. Incredible surfing video.

Bella Vita

Price $29.99 - List Price $34.99

Jason Baffa chronicles Del Moro on an amazing journey back to his ancestral homeland with elite standout professional surfers Dave Rastovich, Lauren Lyndsey Hill, Conner & Parker Coffin and Italy's top surfers Alessandro Ponzanelli and Leonardo Fioravanti as they explore the burgeoning surf culture blossoming in the Mediterranean’s oldest and cherished traditions. A visual epic captured in 35mm, Bella Vita presents an intimate, powerful journey of self-discovery where the unique powers of family tradition intersect with the enlightenment of re-discovery in a forgotten natural resource. If you’ve seen One California Day, you know that Baffa has a cinematographer’s eye, and a talent for cruisy, contemplative rhythm and that’s mostly the feel of Bella Vita as well.

"Internationally acclaimed surf-filmmaker - Jason Baffa (single fin: yellow, one California day, one beach) documents surfer, artist and environmentalist, Chris Del Moro on a pilgrimage back to his Italian homeland on what most perceive as a 'Don Quixotian' quest but transforms into a modern discovery seeped in culture, tradition and passion. Moreover, it is what Chris finds in the beauty of Italy and the distinctly passionate connection the Italian people have with family and tradition that reveals a greater truth." - Surfer Magazin

Live From the Moon

Price $22.95 - List Price $29.99

The "Live From the Moon" surfing DVD is a journey into modern surfing & surfing travel searching for the most remote exotic breaks and desinations. A first hand look at the awesome and unforgiving power of the sea. From intense slabs in Ireland, to the deepest perfect tubes of Indonesia. Body Glove explored, hunted, and conquered! Live From the Moon will take you off the grid for a surfing DVD adventure of a lifetime.

Featured Surfers: Jamie O'Brien, Alex Gray, Anthony Walsh, Cheyne Magnusson, Ezekiel Lau, Nate Yeomans, Gabe Kling, Dave Wassel, Matt Pagan, and Tikanui Smith...

Legendary surfing DVD producer Taylor Steele’s brand new film “MISSING” puts Mick Fanning in some of the most incredible places on the earth along with his good friends John John Florence, Jordy Smith, Matty Wilko and the master Tom Curren. Under the direction of the world renowned surfing film producer, this project grabs Mick Fanning out of the competition arena of the ASP and gives him a airline boarding pass with a blank destination and for 3 weeks he is re-located all over the planet with only a passport and surfboard at his side. As a result, the surfing is off the charts, raw and some of the best that you will see this year. From Africa, Ireland to Central America & Spain, the experience actually is life altering for Mick Fanning.

Price $22.95 - List Price $29.99





Slow Is Fast DVD & Book

Price $34.95 - List Price $39.99


Woodshed Films & Dan Malloy and friends set out to surf & bike their native Cali coast last Fall. After two months & more than 700 miles, they were rolling back home to Ventura CA. Dan Malloy wrote - "I learned more about the people and place here, than I had in thirty five years & a thousand trips by car." Amazing surfing DVD.

Book: 112 pages, principle photography by Kanoa Zimmerman.
Film: 30 minutes, "Moving Pictures and Extra Features", directed by Kellen Keene

Producer: Woodshed Films



Slow Dance
surfing DVD

Price $9.99 - List Price $24.99

Slow Dance surfing DVD video - Surfer and Director Dane Reynolds takes a sharp look into the timeless style of Craig Anderson. A modern approach with hints to the past, Slow Dance follows Craig in and out of the water as he travels the world meeting up with heroes and friends in Australia, Chile, India, West Africa and Tahiti to name a few. Dane attempts to uncover Craig's view on style, but only vague answers emerge. However, it becomes apparent that whether Craig is riding a thruster, single fin or doing whatever style is a part of everything he does.

Featuring Craig Anderson, Dane Reynolds, Matt Hoy, Rob Machado, Chippa Wilson, Dion Agius, Mark Occhilupo and Ozzie Wright.

The Groundswell surfing DVD video is Chris Malloy's follow up to 180 South. Surfers Dan Malloy, Trevor Gordon and Pete Devries set sail on a 68 foot sailboat guided by the Raincoast Conservation Foundation into British Columbia's Great Bear Rainforest where a pipeline and oil tanker proposal looms. The team explores waves and a rainforest full of life while learning of the potential irreversible consequences of this project from local First Nations leaders. Groundswell beautifully and profoundly captures the spirit of this wild place and the passion of the Heiltsuk people who are committed to protecting it.


Price $17.95 - List Price $24.99



Dear Suburbia

Price $9.95 - List Price $24.95

A surfing DVD video Excursion into the Absurd featuring: Dane Reynolds, John John Florence, Kolohe Andino, Yadin Nicol, Craig Anderson, Chippa Wilson, Dillon Perillo, Conner Coffin, Mitch Coleborn, Dion Agius, Evan Geiselman, Taj Burrow, Jack Freestone and Nate Tyler Filmed on location in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Europe, and the Caribbean, Dear Suburbia, is the latest release from Kai Neville and is the follow up to his previous films Modern Collective and Lost Atlas. It is a high-performance, location-based surf film set against exotic landscapes, objects and personalities juxtaposed with the traditions of suburban life. Spontaneity versus routine. The unknown versus the familiar. An interpretation of our lifestyle, culture, riding waves, traveling the world — a pirouette into the absurdity of it all. The result is a graceful, often schizophrenic glimpse at modern life with a surfboard and a passport.

Dear Suburbia surf DVD was filmed on RED & 16mm.

"Let’s Surf Seriously" surf DVD video - In 2011, our award winning cinematic Surf DVD titled, Surprise Excitement Party showed you all kinds of fun things like head spinning wipe-outs, bikini food fights, world champs ripping, death defying tube riding, breakthrough performance surfing, and a few of the craziest sessions to ever happen—all set to a fun and unusual soundtrack. Well, all that funny business is over, this year’s film will star surfers who mean business. Surfing has become too fun. Smiles and stoke have replaced agro-shredding and the “three to the beach” mentality. In 2012, we’ve become a generation of silly ass surfers—it’s ruining our sport! Thankfully, the good people at TransWorld SURF are taking a stand against surfing for the fun of it … its time to get real; it’s time to surf seriously.

Expect to see no wipeouts, no antics, no explosions, no chicks in bikini’s throwing cupcakes, no freaks, no jokes, no sketchy drops, no claims, no sack-taps, no lips to the head, no nip slips, and no stoke! Don’t watch this movie if you’re not dead serious about surfing.

Let’s Surf Seriously surfing DVD Stars: Mason Ho, Benji Weatherly, Dave Rastovich, Ozzie Wright, Nate Tyler, Matt Meloa, Dylan Graves, Jack Freestone and more.


Let’s Surf Seriously

List Price $14.95

Bending Colours

Price $20.95 - List Price $29.99


The Bending Colours surfing DVD + Blu Ray is a moving portrait of Jordy Smith. This is not a biopic. It’s a never-before seen insight into gamechanging next level surfing. From an average school kid in South Africa, a cocky tour rookie,to the professional world title threat he is today, Bending Colours tells a story.

No one does progressive surfing or the hi-fi quite like Kai Neville. The fit is obvious. You know Modern Collective. You know the new breed of surfer, soundtrack and star it’s created. This next collaboration will further redefine and change the game..

Featuring Jordy Smith, Dane Reynolds, Mitch Coleborn, Kolohe Andino & Dusty Payne.

Sipping Jetstreams Media presents This Time Tomorrow, a surf DVD film by Taylor Steele, documenting an epic Pacific swell chase over 8 days and 18,000 miles traveled. Two surfers, Dave Rastovich and Craig Anderson, tracked waves generated from this single storm in an exhausting attempt to surf the same wave twice as they pulsed eastward through the Pacific. As these waves thundered across the legendary reef of Teahupo’o, reeled down the endless point breaks of Mexico and onwards towards a frosty Arctic conclusion the pair gathered friends Kelly Slater, Chris Del Moro, Alex Grey, and Dan Malloy for this cinematic and cosmic experience of a lifetime.

This Time Tomorrow

Price $9.95 - List Price $29.99


"Shades Of Indonesia" by Pete Matthews and from the makers of great surfing dvds like "Shades of Bali". Dream waves and smiling faces. Militant Muslims and peaceful Buddhists. Speeding scooters and throbbing discos. Mysticism and modernism coexist in an ancient land, creating a kaleidoscope of influences. Indonesia has become a mecca for traveling surfers lured by perfect points, hollow reef breaks and high-performance beach breaks. In turn, native Indonesians have laid claim to surfing and a new generation of world-class surfers are busting down the doors and acting as international ambassadors. Embedded cinematographer Pete Matthews documents the new faces of Indonesian surfing while capturing the heart and soul of this many-faceted culture.

Shades Of Indonesia

Price $22.95 - List Price $29.99

The Mystic is the latest surfing dvd from Billygoat directed by Bill Ballard. 2 1/2 years in the making, Ballard scores on many occasions with perfect waves all over the globe. Braden and Kalani score perfect waves in the outskirts of Lombok, Andy and Dean blow up mental waves in France, Kelly tows into 10 foot Cloudbreak, Mark Healy and Aamion Goodwin find absolute perfection in Chile, and Hawaii has never looked better. This imagery based film is brought to life with an eclectic soundtrack from the critically acclaimed Ubiquity records label, which is included with the DVD. Along with the film is over 40 minutes of bonus footage that just missed making the final cut. See for yourselves, this is by far the most beautiful surf film from Bill Ballard EVER! One of those classic surfing dvds you should have in your collection.

The Mystic


Soundtrack CD Included

Step Into Liquid


This is one of our top selling surfing dvds. Dana Brown intro - Extensive deleted scenes/outtakes - Surf lessons with Wingnut and Maureen Drummy - Making of a surfboard with Robert and Sam August - Surfline feature: "The Bill of Rights and Lefts... Te Final Word on Surfing Etiquette" - "Capturing the Wave" featurette - Multiple interviews and commentaries with the surfers and surfing dvd filmmakers - Music video montage.

Taylor Steele has returned to produce one of his greatest surfing dvds ever. Pro Surfers are the target for today's solution in corporate marketing. Extreme sports are hot and the suits will do anything to get a piece of the youth market. As they say in the ad game, Surfing Sells! Not only is this one of the longest running surfing dvds of the time, there are 5 soundtracks to go along with it. Available in 5 different flavors Grape, Strawberry, Orange, lime and Blueberry!

Starring: Andy + Bruce Irons, Shane Dorian, Rob Machado, Benji Weatherley, Kelly Slater, Taj Burrow, Mick Fanning, Joe Parkinson, Dean Morrison, Kalani Robb, The Hobgoods, Taylor Knox, Donovan, Dane Reynolds and many more..............

Featuring music by: To many to list, and did we mention 5 Soundtracks........
(Original, Emo, Funk, Rock, Electronic)
Locations: Hawaii, Australia, Indo, CA, East Coast, Mexico.



TRT: The Movie itself is 110 min. accompanied by a bonus disc that has over 60 min. of bonus footage, extra skits, behind the scenes, etc.
Surfing dvd bonus Footage: Get Codes to Unlock secret footage inside the case of the DVD.


Joachim Cooder, Sunny Levine, Mason Jennings, The Shins, Karl Denson, AIR, White Buffalo, Eugene Blackwell and The New Breed, The Meters, Mike Doughty, Honeyboy Edwards, Morgan Alstot, Bobby Watley, Jon Swift, Ferni Apodaca, Todd Hannigan, Chad Faran, Chris McGreal and Rob Machado

Rob Machado, Taylor Knox, Joel Tudor, Mick Fanning, Dean Morrison, Jack Johnson, The Malloys, Kelly Slater, Conan Hayes, Nathan Webster, Nat Young, Hans Hagen, Joe Curren, Mike Todd, Pascal Stansfeild, Brad Gerlach, Ben Bourgeois, Donavon F, Ross Williams, Brit Caillouette, Shane Dorian, Malia Jones, Jon Swift, and Luke Stedman.



"Shelter" surfing dvd, carries the spirit of Thicker Than Water and September Sessions, however it has a texture and vision all it's own. Surfers featured include the likes of Machado and Dorian but the film also hosts the surfing and thoughts from people such as Joel Tudor, Nat Young, Mick Fanning, Malia Jones, and many more. There is even an unconfirmed sighting of Ben Harper in an early cut of the film. The all original score for the project is being headed by Joachim Cooder (from the Grammy winning documentary the "Buena Vista Social Club") and is turning out to be an eclectic piece of art on it's own. We can only imagine the various artists he has in store for the ever-changing mood of the film. As far as surfing goes, there are over thirty hours of footage that according to Brad Gerlach is "the best surfing I've ever seen". It's been cut down to an hour by directors Taylor Steele and Chris Malloy with a hand from Emmett Malloy and Jack Johnson.

Words from the directors:
"The whole thing feels like more of a movement than a surf film. We spent two months in the old farmhouse just living and surfing and making music. People like Nat Young, George Greenough, Jim Banks and Ben Harper all passed through to share with our crew. To succeed with this film all we really hope to do is capture the feeling of what went on down there and to do justice to what everyone contributed."

Masterpiece Surfing Video


The Tomorrowland surfing dvd story brought to life in brilliant 16mm film. "the waves were as good as waves get" - sumatra/ september/1999 Starring: Slater, Gerlach, Dorian, Machado, Egan, Williams Produced By Kelly Slater and Emmett Malloy, Art Direction by Chris Malloy. The Moonshine Conspiracy surfing videos are the most soulful, well made surfing videos out. We highly recommend this surfing dvd.

CD Soundtrack Bonus Included

Single Fin Yellow

"Singlefin: yellow" surfing dvd, tells the story of one surfboards life as it travels the globe shared by a group of friends. 



Scratching The Surface

Price $2.98 - List Price $29.99

See one of the most exciting surfers on the planet, Julian Wilson, as you’ve never seen him before. Scratching the Surface is a ground-breaking hi-definition surfing DVD, showcasing the life so far of a 21-year old Australian, who has already revolutionized world surfing. In Scratching the Surface, Julian and a who’s-who crew that includes Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds, Taj Burrow, Mick Fanning and Dusty Payne, push performance surfing to new places.

Filmed over 16 months at the world’s greatest surfing destinations, Scratching the Surface showcases Indonesia, South Africa, Central America, Hawaii, California and Australia with a cinematic standard never before seen in a profile surf film. Scratching the Surface shares the story of a kid that rode his first wave the same day he took his first steps and his rise to become a surfing megastar. Consider this film your introduction to Julian Wilson but remember, this is just Scratching the Surface a killer surfing video…

Kelly Slater
In Black and White

Check the best surfer on the Planet in this solid surfing dvd by Quiksilver!!



A Common Thread

This surfing video documentary captures life and times of surfers By COLLEEN MARSHALL/ West Hawaii Today Straddling their boards scattered across the blue - green waters, surfers look toward the horizon, awaiting the swell that will become the ideal wave, their next great ride.




"The meanest day ridden at the meanest wave on the planet." SURFER Magazine

Spring 2003: The Swell From Hell. Cory Lopez, Strider Wasilewski and Malik Joyeux tow into bombs that flat-out dwarf Laird Hamilton's historic ride from 2000.

Chris Ward, Kalani Robb, Joel Parkinson, Shea Lopez and Taylor Knox blow the tops off of epic overhead bowls at The Right.

And the Billabong Tahiti Pro goes off in epic conditions! This is a cool surfing dvd.

This surfing DVD goes where no surfing video has gone before-into and under some of the most dangerous waves in the world.

Learn why Jaws, Cortes Banks, Mavericks, Waimea Bay, Todos Santos Island and the Outer Reefs of the North Shore are so flippin' BIG. Surfline's Sean Collins breaks down the hard science and shows you what really makes the magic happen at all these notorious locations.

· Carlos Burle at Mavericks
· Mike "Snips" Parsons at the Cortes Bank
· Ken Bradshaw's 80+ ft. wave at Outer Log Cabins
· Makua Rothman at Jaws
· 1990 Quiksilver Eddie Aikau Contest at Waimea Bay

Making The Call

(Big Wave Video)

List Price $19.95


Drive Thru Australia # 2

The Drive Thru crew goes down under to Australia for a second time. The Drive Thru Australia 2 surfing DVD has all the great surfing footage and wild antics you have come to love.

Price $16.99 - List Price $29.99

Drive Thru OZ

Price $2.98 - List Price $29.99

This is the third and unquestionably the best of the Drive Thru surfing dvd series, thanks to Oz serving up solid surf, an excellent soundtrack and all of the misadventures with the Aussies in the land down under. Rob, Benji, Donovan and Kalani (sort of) meet up with locals such as Dean Morrisson, Dylan Longbottom, Margo and Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter as they make their way down the East Coast from Brisbane to Sydney.

This is a kind of the surfing video we all can relate to: they’ve got 14 days and they’re looking to score waves and go with the flow with whatever comes along, but they rip! Filmed by Greg Browning and Chad Cambell (Director of 5th Symphony Document) you’ll see hollow waves, airs, big moves and according to Dean Morrison, his best barrel ever at Superbank!

FREE DVD ON ANY ORDER OVER $29.99 (see details)

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