The Congo kayak DVD is the top new release out now. A must see! Congo 2012 DVD The Grand Inga Project by Red Bull and Steve Fisher. Steve Fisher and a small team of kayakers ran the Inga Rapids on the Congo River, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The rapids are the biggest and highest Volume rapids in the world. This stretch of rapids has claimed lives, gone through political unrest, and has a a long history of exploration. Congo 2012 The Grand Inga Project is a great expedition story.

Congo 2012 The Grand Inga Project is a DVD and Blu-Ray Combo Pack



The Frontier kayak DVD video follows up where Dream Result left off, following a group of kayakers on another adventure around the globe. Frontier puts a strong emphasis on exploration and progression within the sport, highlighting some of the hardest whitewater ever paddled. Feature footage of Rafa Ortiz and Aniol Serrasoles's 128.6 Foot waterfall descent of Banana Falls, in Veracruz Mexico.

Featuring footage from Mexico, China, Iceland, Norway, Northwest U.S.A., B.C., Quebec."


The WildWater kayak DVD is a journey into the mind and soul of whitewater, into the places only river runners can go, places of discovery, solitude and risk. Its a visually stunning feast for the senses, and an expedition into new ideas. We set out to create a new kind of adventure film. One where image, sound and ideas trump all else. We wanted to communicate the essence of the thing - wild places and whitewater and put its soul on film. A tall order. After thousands of hours of effort around the world and in our studio, we have achieved much of the goal. Borrowing Hollywood film tools and techniques, including RED digital cinema cameras and world-class post production techniques, WildWater brings not only new perspectives, but new images to kayaking and the world of adventure cinema. The film focuses on a handful of people who share a deep passion for wild places, rivers and running whitewater. We meet Rod Nash, the wise elder of the river and one of the founders of the wilderness movement in the USA, while he is rowing the Grand Canyon once more at age 72. We meet Doug Ammons, author of the book “Whitewater Philosophy” and one of Outside Magazines Greatest Adventurers of the last 100 years. And we hear from the current generation of men and women, sharing their love of this shared experience. The result crosses beyond generational and experiental boundaries, even beyond whitewater, to look at the soul of adventure sports and what they mean to all of us as a practice that is about far more than just fun.

Features - Doug Ammons, Rod Nash, Erik Boomer, Fred Norquist, Brian Ward, Mellissa Newell, Darcy Gaechter and more.

Wild Water



The Face Time kayak DVD blends high energy action segments with insightful interviews into the lives of some of kayakings most well known personalities, including: Eric Jackson, Joel Kowalski, Ben stookesberry, Jessie Stone, Stephen Wright, Rafael Ortiz, Eiyl Jackson and Nick Troutman. With collected footage from all over the world, including the World Championships in Switzerland; First Descents in Mexico, India, British Columbia, Pakistan, and Brazil; the search for the newest biggest waves on the Stakeout tour in Eastern Canada; as well as footage from Africa, France, California, North Carolina and more.


Dream Result

Dream Result is an expression of the essence of white water kayaking through the story of a group of friends who have undertaken a journey to explore the limits of possibility. The film includes the World Record Waterfall Descent of the 186 ft tall Palouse Falls, expeditions into the wilderness of Northern Canada, jaw-dropping freestyle on flooded rivers of Quebec and a quest for waterfalls though out Chile and Scandinavia. Driven through the passions of seven of the sports top athletes and lifelong colleagues, they experience a year in the life of chasing their Dream Result.

Watch ‘World Champion’ and the ‘Two Time World Record Holder’ Rush Sturges and Tyler Brandt team up in this incredibly daring film.



Wehyakin kayaking video profiles a select group of the world's best paddlers, not just as athletes, but as individuals with personality, character, and opinion. It is an artistic effort, combining amazing footage from around the globe with intriguing commentary, intent on enriching public understanding of this rapidly growing sport and lifestyle .


Kayak Fitness

Jamie McDonough presents an at-home workout kayak video dvd designed to develop the ultimate kayaking body. Comes with 3 pre-programed workouts, ranging from 35 to 55 minutes, plus the ability to customize other workout options.


This Is The Sea 3

Two hours of exciting sea kayaking video, including: a 40 minute documentary about Andrew McAuley's dramatic 800km journey down the Antarctic peninsula; fantastic tidal race action at the "Falls of Lora" race in Scotland; a feature on legendary paddler Paul Caffyn; Greenland-style rolling with 2 of the worlds best, Cheri Perry & Freya Hoffmeister; a 25 minute documentary about an expedition to the wonderful Faroe Islands; birds, caves & being caught in a thunder storm in Shetland; and beach surf in New Zealand.




Huckin Huge Films delivers another straight knockout film, HAYMAKER. Filmed for over a year in full High Definition, this whitewater action and lifestyle video will take viewers behind the scenes of some of the most intense whitewater ever captured. and HH FILMS travels took them to British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, California, Puerto Vallarta and Hawaii. If you thought you've seen the West Coast before, think again as some of the most unique and scenic whitewater is uncovered in this documentary style film. Go south of the boarder and see the hardships and triumphs of paddling in the impenetrable jungles of Puerto Vallarta. And witness incredible lifestyle and never-seen-before waterfalls in exotic Hawaii! HAYMAKER, an in-your-face film from and HH FILMS, presented by Kayak Session Magazine.


This exciting DVD is the 1st to focus exclusively on the challenging and invigorating sport of stand-up paddling (SUP) on whitewater rivers. Stand-up paddle surfing has burgeoned in popularity around the world, and now a dedicated crew of Rocky Mountain river-rats have taken the sport from its roots at the ocean into an entirely new realm. River stand-up pioneer Charlie MacArthur and Paul Tefft from EnviroAction Productions have teamed up with C4 Waterman to produce this cutting-edge DVD, which is multi-faceted - part instructional and part action/adventure entertainment. Concise clips and accurate explanations take the aspiring SUP river paddler from the ins and outs of mellow river paddling to the advanced techniques of paddling class II & III rapids. Viewers will learn how to read rapids, peel in and out of the current, make dynamic eddy turns, perform river specific paddle techniques, and surf endless river waves. RiverSUP also includes five bonus movies including a segment on the world's first river stand up paddling championship and a scenic and exciting photo video adventure. Features: tips from Charlie MacArthur; surfing action from the Glenwood Springs Whitewater Park; the world's first Whitewater SUP Championship; bonus tracks include a photo video expedition and C4 Waterman gear review movies.

River SUP
(Stand Up Paddle Board)




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