Refresh took a year and a half from conception to completion. This BMX DVD video depicts the BMX lifestyle. It is the culmination of all our trips and sessions, all of the triumphs and failures. BMX is, and always will be, about having fun and hanging out with your buddies. It is more than a hobby, and its something that will always be there for us. The places we see and the people we meet along the way become life long friends and it’s all because of a bicycle.

Refresh brings you the local street riders of Seattle and Bellingham. Filmed in HD by Brian Chace, who also brought you Here and Now, and Fresh Fish. The video starts off with a bang with Def Paul and goes into Chris Martindale, Scott Fuller, Shay Schiefelbein, Michael Chace, Greg Tylosky and closes with Joseph Pennell. Every part is solid and every rider has their own unique style. Refresh is a double disc set with the main feature on disc #1 and all of the Refresh Web Edits on Disc #2. Filmed in Bellingham, Wa, Seattle, Wa, Olympia, Wa, Portland Or, Sacramento, Ca, San Fransisco, Ca, Salt Lake City, Ut, and Vancouver, BC.


On sale for $18.95 - List Price is $24.95

Range of Motion

Than putting yourself into a corner, it’s time that you should be proud of your ability to ride everything. RIDEbmx breaks down the barriers with ‘Range of Motion’, the new feature film that showcases some of the best riders of today and tomorrow. ROM travels across the U.S. to meet up with Dennis Enarson, Tony Hamlin, Sergio Layos, and Dave Dillewaard to cover parks, dirt, and street riding. And since there’s a lot of ground to cover, RIDEbmx fills in the blanks with Simon Tabron, Drew Bezanson, Darin Read, Ryan Wert, Cory Nastazio, Mike ‘Hucker’ Clark, Luke Parslow, Adam Baker, Garrett Reynolds, Rob Wise, Tony Neyer, and Sean Sexton. RIDEbmx doesn’t leave any stone unturned with ‘Range of Motion’ and it will open your eyes to what’s possible. click here to see the trailer

And for a limited time only, order Range of Motion and get the classic RIDEbmx film 'Flipside' starring Dave Mirra, Josh Harrington, Dave Dillewaard, Mike Spinner, Blackman, Nigel Sylvester, E-Man and more.

On sale for $22.95 - List Price is $24.95

Stay Fit

Fit’s sixth full length BMX video “STAY FIT” showcases the progressive riding of pro BMX team members Van Homan, Chase Hawk, Justin Inman, Brian Foster, Eddie Cleveland, Chase Dehart, Edwin Delarosa, Tom White, Mike Aitken, and Dakota Roche. Bonus sections feature Am and Flow riders as well as Fit international team riders from the UK, Australia, Japan, South Africa, and Canada. Stay Fit

On sale for $14.95 List Price is $19.95

Safety First

Kink Bike Co. Presents “Safety First”A full length BMX DVD featuring full sections from Tony Hamlin, Sean Sexton, K.C. Badger, Albert Mercado, Landon Anderson/Lil' Jon split part, Darryl Tocco, Aaron Smith and Chris Doyle. Additional riding from Josh Shaw, Jay Roe, Tom Dillon, James Steele and Jason Owens.

Riding from the Northeast United States to the West Coast and everything in between. 43min run time plus bonus!

On sale for $17.45 List Price is $24.95


“This is what we have all been waiting for... TransWorld’s Ride BMX dvds is putting out yet again another groundbreaking bmx dvd. Forget the smoke and mirrors you’ve seen in the past from other filmmakers, Ride BMX will give you an inside look at what it takes to create a video part from start to finish. Today’s best show you it’s not all glamour shots with Mike Brennan, Jerad Washington, Davey Watson, Chester Blacksmith, Darryl Tocco, and Dakota Roche pushing the limits and taking the hits hard. We promise this dvd will not disappoint the hardcore BMX rider.” Featuring: Mike Brenan, Jerad Washington, Davey Wastson, Chester Blacksmith, Darryl Tocco, Dakota Roche.

On sale for $18.45 List Price is $24.95


Electronical is the newest full length feature bmx DVD from Odyssey BMX, a Nine to Five Production. Filmed in locations all over New Zealand, USA, South Africia, Spain, Canada, China, Germany. Starring: Taj Mihelich, Aaron Ross, Adam Banton, Chase Gouin, Chase Hawk, Gary Young, Jim Cielencki, Jimmy Le Van, Matt Beringer, Mike Aitken, KC Badger, Mike Gonzales, Brandon Turner, Steve Kennedy and more. The video will be a double disc, with the main feature on the first, and our previous 2 videos as well as additional footage from the current batch on the second. Produced by Will Stroud and Chad Shackleford.
Odyssey riders: Mike Aitken, Jimmy Levan, Jim Cielencki, Aaron Ross, Chase Hawk, Matt Beringer, Taj Mihelich, And more… Filmed all over the world!

On sale for $18.45 List Price is $24.95

Sentenced To Life

A BMX dvd with six riders who traveled throughout the U.S., Canada, Japan and Australia documenting their unique and individual styles proving that being “Sentenced to Life” in BMX is truly a gift. Featuring: Dave Mirra, Josh Harrington, Matt Beringer, Mike Aitken, Scotty Cranmer and Ryan Guettler.

On sale $18.95 List Price $24.95

BMX dvd video , included in your purchase is a 1 year (12 issues) subscription to Ride BMX magazine (For US customers only). When the world as you know it is suddenly reversed, you’ve entered a place called the Flipside. The 12th feature film from RideBMX, this latest installment documents the encounters of four virtually unknown but immensely talented street riders on their quest from NYC to Greenville, North Carolina, to hang with some of the best pros in the sport. The roles are then reversed when the pros visit the city to ride street. Watch as BMX street up-and-comers Nigel Sylvester, E-man, Blackman, and more hit Pro-Town, USA to ride with the likes of Dave Mirra and Josh Harrington. The four riders hang-out, golf, and learn some of the tricks of the trade from with the Miracle Man himself in one of the most unique and entertaining films ever to hit the sport. Directed by Glenn PP Milligan and sponsored by MirraCo and GT Bicycles, Flipside features some of the most progressive and talented riders in the sport including Dave Mirra, Josh Harrington, Dave Dillewaard, Mike Spinner, Blackman, Nigel Sylvester, E-Man and more.

Flip Side

On sale for $18.95 List Price is $24.95

Livin' in Exile

RideBMX brings you this new digital bmx dvd. We’re livin’ in the 5th year of the new millennium, and all the so-called action sports are more popular then ever. Although BMX continues to be one of the most popular of all the lifestyles, it still remains one of the weakest industries, with lower-paid professional athletes and active persecution by police, parents, security and even other sports. Why, for so little reward, do these riders still push themselves so hard? Where does inspiration come from when you are.. Starring: Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla, Corey Bohan, Danny Hickerson, Will Love, Kurtis Elwell, Sergio Layos, Scotty Cranmer, and Steven Lilly.


Joe Kid on a Sting-Ray

The History of BMX
This bmx video film documents the evolution of a sport created by kids who (in the 1970’s) began modifying their Schwinn Sting-Ray bicycles to look like motorcycles. This documentary is the first film to take a serious look at the history and evolution of BMX bicycle riding, from the streets of 1960’s suburban neighborhoods to today’s stadium-packed televised Dirt, Street & Halfpipe insanity.

Special Features: -Bonus Old School Footage Special Ottake Interviews/ Cool Stories -Old School BMX Promotional Film -Gold Cup Race from the 70’s

Starring an extensive list of BMX legends


Animal &
Don't Quit Your Day Job

Features the first Animal BMX video and don't quit your day job in entirety on DVD. Features full parts by Edwin DeLaRosa, Vinnie Sammon, Bob Scerbo, George Dossantos and others. Also includes all animal commercials and a free team poster. Both videos produced by Bob Scerbo and Jeff Zielinski.

On sale for $7.45 List Price is $24.95

How To Dirt Jump
/ Rythem


Ride BMX has combined two classic bmx videos onto one great bmx DVD. Rhythm is a trails video that takes you all over the United States, including: Indiana, Ithaca, Florida, Iowa City, California, Long Island, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and many other places. How to Dirt Jump is hosted by Fuzzy Hall, and stars T.J. Lavin, Cory Nastazio, Robbie Miranda, and many others. This DVD will teach you everything you need to know to become a better rider: x-ups, tabletops, turndowns, 360’s, toboggans, no-handers, no-footed can-cans, supermans, barspins, tailwhips, and more. This is the dvd with both movies How To Dirt Jump and Rythem.


Digital Interface

RIDEBMX" brings you this wonderful full feature BMX video starring Jason Enns, Kevin Porter, Colin Mackay and Joe "Buthcer" Kowalski. Filmed in Canada, Australia and all over the USA. This great bmx DVD also includes the Vans Roadtrip, the Aspire Roadtrip, hot new street footage and tons more.

Drop The Hammer

Every BMX video needs at least one guy who can come through with a crazy section that leaves you shaking your head in disbelief. Well this video has four. With full length sections from Gary Young, Morgan Wade, Corey Martinez, and Ryan Nyquist Drop the Hammer raises the bar for video standards to new heights. Gary Young is on a rampage and the kid simply doesn't stop. Morgan Wade tailwhips off of houses, enough said. Ryan Nyquist is one of the most well-known BMXers in the world, yet has very few video credits. His section will leave you wondering why that is. Corey Martinez is simply an animal on a bike, killing it with some of the smoothest and most stylish riding in BMX videos today.


Let The Bikes In

Tons of riders from the BMX industry gave up a little time and footage so we could help raise money for access BMX. This bmx DVD is to raise money to help them gain access to all the NO BIKES ALLOWED parks across the US. A Bonus DVD of No BIKES ALLOWED is included. Riders include Mike Ardelean, Brian Castillo, Dave Mirra, and many others.



48 Hours

Filmed in 48 hours this BMX DVD showcases locations throughout Arizona, Oregon, and Tennessee, featuring riders such as Adam Baker, Joey Marks, Jerry Bagley, Justin Inman and Seth Kimbrough. It Contains a bonus section of “The Making of …48hrs”, outtakes and interviews.

On sale for $19.95 List Price is $24.95

Cheap Thrills

Kink Bicycles releases it’s 2nd full length BMX DVD featuring the whole kink team. Includes JC (Jim Cielencki), Ryan Sher, Dirty Dan Bogard, Chris Arriaga, Kc Badger, Rob Tibbs, Ian Munro and an extensive friends section. Riding includes street, dirt jumping, park and other random obstacles. A fun team BMX video progressing the sport of BMX.

On sale for $4.00 List Price is $24.95

Odyssey Video

Each team rider was given one week to film their video part in any city of their choosing. Spots include Utah, Georgia, Canada, Vegas, Hawaiiand many others. Riders feature are, Scott Foster, Mike Aitken, GaryYoung, Jim Cielencki, Jimmy Levan, Chase Gouin, Marti Kuoppa (the lasttwo are flatlanders), Matt Beringer, Rich Hirsch and Adam Banton. This is a killer BMX dvd!

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